We at, FOX Broadband, very happy to announce launch of Internet Broadband Services on Underground Optic Fibre integrated with World-class Wireless 4G capable Base stations & CPE's and controlled by deploying world-class best companies SERVERS, NAS & ROUTERS at NETWORK OPERATION CENTRE with 24*7 Helpdesk facility for supporting customers.

Home Broadband

Customer First Approach:  Every person in the FOX Broadband is having Customer First approach. Customer is the reason for our existence. We at FOX Broadband are committed to fulfil the requirement of customer, by designing plans suits their needs and purpose.


What we are 

Dark fiber is optical fiber infrastructure that is in place but not presently being utilized by its owner. In the simplest terms, it is another name for optical glass fibers that have been installed underground, but do not have any electronics or lasers attached.


What we do

FOX Broadband have deployed multiple numbers of HDPE ducts in entire underground 300 KMs Network. We have laid our OFC Network in one duct. Remaining ducts we have shelled with end cap plug in every chamber.